Amina Hedayat Khalil

Amina’s work as a Professional Coach helps others to become more empowered to achieve their goals, with amazing results demonstrated in their lives and work. She provides her students with tools that can be used to uncover what is blocking them from reaching their potential and helps them to identify filters they have built, in years of experiences. Blocks and filters are often what are causing problems, discriminations, and setbacks that stand in the way of a person’s success.

Michael Mode

Michael Mode is a speaker, magician and innovation consultant who teaches people how to think like a magician so they can solve problems that might seem impossible.  With his down to earth engaging style & mix of innovation, magic and humor, Michael’s presentations are guaranteed to be a fun and entertaining way to boost ideas and productivity for your group.

Kathy Waltz Miller

Kathy partners with clients to ENLIGHTEN, ENGAGE, and EMPOWER their workforce through high-impact interventions and coaching that create positive, cost-effective change leading to measureable strategic results.

Penny Rosema

Penny Rosema has over 20 years of global “in-the-trenches” negotiation and business experience. Penny shows audiences how to get more of what they want, whether their deal is worth $100 or $100 million. With her interactive programs, people practice professional negotiation techniques and start using them immediately.

William Kendy

Bill has an extensive background in the direct selling of intangibles including advertising (newspaper, magazine, cable), exposition booth space management and sponsorships. He has presented on topics related to advertising, marketing, retail sales and worked with many media styles. His selling seminars at the ICAST show (American Fishing Tackle Association), the SHOT show (National Shooting Sports Foundation), the NACS show (National Association of Consumer Shows) and others have won him solid recognition in the world of advertising.

Joyce Weiss

Joyce Weiss is an accountability coach and business conflict resolution consultant. She helps her clients become top level leaders who get great results. She teaches them to tackle the tough conversations to build employee engagement, accountability and rock star performance. The result is that her clients learn to resolve conflict with confidence which helps them get a better night’s sleep!

Liz Nead

The 2011 LLS Celebrity of the year, Liz Nead is an expert in bringing life back to everyday life for those looking beyond their daily responsibilities. Liz is impacting the lives of thousands with her inspirational CD’s, life coaching, magazine articles, public speaking engagements, and life-improvement TV talk show.

Dennis Beson

Dennis offers customized training based on several perspectives of the company; employee, management, and ownership. Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works was so impressed with one of the training programs written by Dennis Beson that they incorporated it into their standard curriculum.

Sheevaun Moran

Sheevaun Moran – Founder and CEO of Energetic Solutions™. has coached leaders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to be clearer, create simplicity and gain alignment in business, the message, life, health and to achieve abundant successes. Sheevaun has the energy and charisma to work one to one, speak in intimate settings as well as very large audiences. As an advocate for small business and ...

William Diedrich

Bill offers keynotes and workshops on Creating Adult Organizations (Entitled: Adults at Work: Mastering Egos and Emotions in the Workplace), Moving Beyond Blaming, and Emotional and Spiritual Intelligences. He helps people to resolve conflicts, bring clarity to confusion, and take personal responsibility with compassion. 

Tony Rubleski

His work has been featured in various media outlets ranging from Bottom Line Magazine, The Detroit Free Press, the FOX TV network, ABC, to CNN Radio, NPR and Entrepreneur Magazine Radio. In addition, he’s given hundreds of presentations over the last decade which continue to receive rave reviews from around the world. 

Tom Harris

If you are looking for a speaker for business, community service organization, or any group that is focused on productivity, human potential, personal development, or business development, Tom provides workshops, keynotes, and coaching services to help you in the improvement process.

Susan Friedmann

For over 25 years, Susan Friedmann, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), has traveled the world helping companies put their best foot forward at trade shows and events. Working with organizations who want to grow their niche marketing strategies, Susan offers programs to increase results and focus on building better relationships with customers, prospects and advocates in the marketplace.

Shawne Duperon

Six-time EMMY® Award winning Media Coach, Shawne Duperon (dew-PEAR-un, rhymes with Sharon) has been in the TV business for nearly 20 years. She has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders while networking and marketing in social and traditional media. Shawne works with corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies across the globe.

Rebecca Kraus

The Rebecca Kraus & Associates Leadership Institute is a 6-8 month program delivered at your site that focuses on developing the leadership and communications skills of new and experienced supervisors, managers and senior officers. Particular focus is placed upon the individual as leader. 

Randall Munson

Imagine an exciting motivational speaker who's also an experienced business executive, a best-selling author, an insightful teacher, and a professional entertainer. Randall Munson is all of these, delivering a refreshing blend of inspiration and practicality, sparkling with warmth, humor, and magic. His messages have a powerful impact on audiences and organizations around the world.

Randall Dean

Make Randy Dean, MBA, author ofthe recent e-mail bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, your preferred source for advanced time and technology management, e-mail management, and smart phone/tablet speaking, training and consultation.

Pete Thomas

Creator of "Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever" permanent weight loss method, Personal weight loss coach, Motivational speaker, and TV personality.

Paul Artale

Using Paul's emotional and challenging journey in football as the backdrop, The H.I.T.T. Hard! Program shows you how to shed the "attitude of disability" and achieve the goals and dreams you have always wanted. 

Paula Paschal

To protect property and preserve life from a proactive, preventive approach to safety and security by providing professional guard services, safety training seminars, and comprehensive security plans.

Paul Friday

Dr. Friday has been a featured keynote and motivational speaker for hundreds of business, educational, and medical groups throughout the United States and Europe. He has appeared on hundreds of local, regional and national radio and television programs, addressing a variety of topics and news events from a psychological perspective.

Pam Wyess

Pam is a trainer, coach and consultant working with all levels in an organization with a special interest in developing first- line and middle management. Pam is skilled at working with all levels of service providers. She passionate about leadership and service and brings credibility and real- life examples to work as she helps people problem solve and make better decisions.

Nancy Friedman

She was named as one of the Top Favorite Speakers of Meetings & Conventions magazine by meeting planners. Your audience will leave with many real world and usable take-away's from a power packed presentation; often not realizing they are learning due to the humorous approach that Nancy uses. She nails it every time. 

Michael Kole

Michael Kole, Michael Kole, a business professional over over 30-years specializes in executive coaching, training, and speaking. A believer in continuous improvement, Mike believes that personal and professional development are paramount to ones success. Using that as his guiding principle, Mike believes that if continuous improvement is a goal of yours, you are qualified to be a client of his.

Matt Schoenherr

Matt Schoenherr is a husband, father of four, business owner, and marketing consultant. As the author of Ideas, he continues his work in supporting the worthy goals of service and commerce in the business and nonprofit communities. Matt crafted Ideas to help jump-start sales and branding efforts while improving marketing literacy through a format that is no- nonsense, easy to read and easy to implement.

Matt Johnson

You can breathe a sigh of relief; it’s called On Target Living for a reason. Unlike fad diets, which are a short-term fix and necessitate hitting very strict, very narrow goals, On Target Living is a system that emphasizes the ability to meet personal health goals by choosing to live “On Target.”

Mary Jane Mapes

Mary Jane Mapes has redefined the prescription for building strong relationships – the bedrock of leadership and service achievement. She believes success takes root to grow and prosper when leaders ignite greatness, first within them and then within others—key to cultivating world class culture.

Mary Ellen Dolan

Mary Ellen Dolan is the founder of Dolan and Associ- ates, LLC. She is dedicated to helping organizations make profits out of possibilities by increasing organi- zational effectiveness through performance skills train- ing and productivity enhancements for managers, supervisors, teams, and technical professionals.

Marilyn Suttle

As the founder of personal and professional growth training firm, Suttle Enterprises, Marilyn inspires her clients to the highest levels of personal and professional development. Using humor and touching stories, Marilyn creates long-lasting results for her clients, anchoring her material with highly interactive and educational group activities.

Leslie Charles

C. Leslie Charles, Certified Speaking Professional, motivational speaker, business consultant, and facilitator, has helped people connect with their potential since 1979. The wit, wisdom, and warmhearted delivery she puts into her speeches make her a credible source for her message. 

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