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Mary Ellen understand adult learning and invites creativity in the process!

Mary Ellen Dolan is the founder of Dolan and Associ- ates, LLC. She is dedicated to helping organizations make profits out of possibilities by increasing organi- zational effectiveness through performance skills train- ing and productivity enhancements for managers, supervisors, teams, and technical professionals.

At Dolan & Associates, Mary Ellen has clients in both the public and private sectors. Public sector clients include extensive general health care, mental health care, non-profits and Federal, State and County gov- ernment service providers. Private sector clients in- clude Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and numerous first- and second-tier suppliers, together with a variety of non-automotive manufacturing organi- zations. In addition, Dolan works with local colleges and universities.

Some of the organization development interventions include process improvement or redesign, organiza- tional redesign, strategic planning and goal setting, team building and executive coaching. We do not be- lieve that there is a “one size fits all” change interven- tion as each organization is unique.

Dr. Dolan’s Topics

  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Implementation planning
    • Organization redesign
    • Process consultation
    • System documentation
    • Systems evaluation
    • Team building
    • Employee involvement
  • Productivity Enhancement
    • Individual growth plans
    • Multi-media training
    • Management development
    • Professional development
    • Project management
    • Team building
    • Training department design
  • Performance Skills Training
    • Competency training
    • Individual learning plans
    • Needs and task analysis
    • Technical skill development

At Dolan and Associates, it is believed that there is a “one size fits all” change intervention, as each organization is unique. Therefore, the process requires working with clients to implement systems and processes that meet the client’s specific needs. Mary Ellen knows that train- ing is often a critical component in organizational change. Any training that is provided, it is user driven and highly interactive, encouraging participants to share their own knowledge, skills and ability in work-related simulations. Dolan takes a facilitative approach, rather than a directive approach. Dolan’s courses are customized following this same process.

“Due to your efforts to customize the training to our industry our teams have been able to quickly apply many of the con- cepts taught. Our use of the ’CRAFTERS’ has kept the focus on factual decision making while providing a structured ap- proach to problem solving. . . . your name is echoed among our teams as a guiding force for continuous improvement.”

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