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Experience the Magic of an Extraordinary Speaker

Imagine an exciting motivational speaker who's also an experienced business executive, a best-selling author, an insightful teacher, and a professional entertainer.

Randall Munson is all of these, delivering a refreshing blend of inspiration and practicality, sparkling with warmth, humor, and magic. His messages have a powerful impact on audiences and organizations around the world.

Randall is a gift to meeting planners. He works closely with you to ensure that his program delivers what you need every time - a true professional who is easy to work with and makes you look good.

That's why IBM and many other Fortune 500 clients, spread across six continents, have resonated to the power of Randall's messages.

Whether he's speaking in Paris, Beijing, Sao Paulo, or Tokyo, Randall's warmth and humanity require no translation at all.

Experience the Magic of an Extraordinary Presentation

Success Through  INNOVATION  and  CREATIVITY!™  Experience  the  magic  of  renewed  creativity.How to Boost Your Creativity, Increase Your Innovation and Enhance Your Success

Serious Business of HUMOR!™  Experience the magic of  laughter.
How to Integrate Humor Into Your Work and Your Life

Magic of SELLING Technology!™  Experience the magic of  increased sales.
How to Make Your Competition Disappear

How to Deliver a GREAT Presentation!™ Experience the magic of powerful presentations.
How to Make Your Presentations Clear and Compelling

Experience the Magic Shared Around the World

Rave Reviews

An exceptional speaker who has inspired and guided businesses all over the world Larry Williams, President, GUIDE International,
- Chicago, IL, USA

The Best of the entire conference!
- Frank Johansen, IBM, Oslo, Norway

No matter the country, no matter the language, Randall Munson communicates the truth of his brilliant insights.
- Dr. Ramon Ferreiro, Ph.D., Chairman, International Congress of Talent, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Your humour sessions have worked wonders.
- Jo McNeil, Manager, Whirlpool Australia Pty Limited, Scoresby, Australia

Nobody else could have made such a profound presentation in such a vibrant, animated, energetic way.
- Dr. Luis Alberto Machado, Venezuela Minister for the Development of Intelligence, Caracas, Venezuela






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