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Michael Mode is a speaker, magician and innovation consultant who teaches people how to think like a magician so they can solve problems that might seem impossible.  With his down to earth engaging style & mix of innovation, magic and humor, Michael’s presentations are guaranteed to be a fun and entertaining way to boost ideas and productivity for your group.

Michael is one of a handful of magicians to ever tour with David Copperfield as part of David’s creative group, MagicLab.

As President of Big Lightbulb Inc., Michael Mode manufactures and markets a line of original products to companies around the world.

Topic area:

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Thinking Like a Magician
  • Magic
  • Introducing New Products and Ideas


As a keynote speaker, Michael presents an entertaining talk that will teach your group how to “Think Like a Magician” so they can solve challenges they might feel are impossible. During this talk, Michael performs and teaches magic to illustrate key points while sharing proven innovation methods that generate unbelievable results.


Michael is known around the world for his original magic creations and comedy. Corporate audiences are amazed by Michael’s sleight of hand and mind reading magic. If you’re looking for a world-class magician to entertain guests with close-up strolling magic at a cocktail party or a larger group on stage, look no further than Michael Mode.

Innovation Consultant

Michael has worked closely with many Fortune 500 companies to help them innovate their way to success. From the development of new ideas to the marketing of existing products, Michael can lead your team to think differently and achieve new levels of growth.

"Michael is fantastic... the way he's able to draw together principles that apply across both magic and business is really enjoyable. It really connected with our audience and was a worthwile talk."
- James De Vries,
Creative Directory at Harvard Business Review


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