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Business doesn’t have to be hard

“Don't reinvent the wheel.” I'm sure you've heard this quote before. The only problem is that the wheel was invented by the ancient Sumerians and they built their business offices out of stone. Who wants that? Cliff wants you to stop worrying about the wheel and “Don't reinvent the B1 Stealth Bomber.”

If you want to be like everyone else, then do what everyone else is doing. However, if you want to step out in front of the crowd, it is time to think differently and try new applications. The 1950's business model doesn't work anymore. Using a new system can help you become “Business Royalty.” Cliff Suttle is a master speaker and business innovator that can help expand your thinking and motivate you to make critical changes. He comes with experience based on sound business, psychological, and motivational practices. His organized, modified approach helps you apply the Business Royalty System to transform your executives, staff, sales/marketing force, and representatives into an operational powerhouse. Cliff's unique presentation style and power packed ideas can light up and motivate any crowd from the boardroom to the marketplace.

Cliff says, “Motivation isn't what you think, it's what you do. Stop creating think-tanks and start creating do-tanks.”

BIO: Mr. Suttle is the founder and president of ExciteYourAudience.com, a company dedicated to world-class business and audience communications. He is the author of multiple books and CD's. Cliff also is known as a popular freelance writer. His work has been read internationally by millions and translated into more than 20 languages.

He is a multiple business owner for over 25 years and has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies including, General Motors, Ford Motor, IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kodak, Xerox, Rockwell International, Commerica, Metlife, and more.

Cliff has received over 80 speaking awards and he is a popular speechwriter and lecturer. His topics range from business and technical to motivational. He earned his B.S. from the University of Michigan and is certified as a Peak Performance Consultant.

Stealth Bomber Business Seminars

Keynotes, trainings, and Seminars

  • The Anti-Elevator Speech - Lose your boring elevator speech and get your business networking on steroids. Easy to implement and powerful in results.
  • Take Control of Any Meeting - Make any meeting more productive just by the fact that you're a part of it. Meeting strategies and techniques that get results.
  • Team Building the Easy Way - Simple to implement and easy to maintain techniques to get your team humming like a well-oiled machine.
  • Don’t be a Sales Monster - Understanding the client is half the battle. Talking in a way they can hear is the other half. This seminar is both halves.
  • Master Speakers System - Energize your presentations with powerful new techniques that will light up your audience.

Corporate Consulting

  • The Business Royalty System - Create staff and executives who think and work in a better, faster, and more energized way. Change your business by changing your people.
  • Becoming a Master Speaker - Don’t learn some of Cliff’s speaking techniques, learn them all. Don’t just give a presentation, own the stage.
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