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Stress Reducer - Energy Infuser - Humor Inducer


Who says training has to be boring? Not Deb! As a humorist, communication specialist, author and 20-year speaker, Deb DiSandro entertains while she educates. Deb’s programs offer just the right mix of levity and substance and her original, creative concepts and effective learning tools are retained and remembered long after a conference or meeting ends.

All Programs are customized to support or complement organizational objectives or core competencies

Current Programs

All Stressed Up and No Where to Blow (Keynote or Training)
Stress has a positive side and Deb demonstrates how if used appropriately, it can improve your ability to learn, retain information and improve concentration. This will be revealed along with the latest research on stress management and tools on stress prevention in this proactive and interactive

EQ TRUMPS IQ! (Keynote or Training)
Today, it’s not IQ but EQ (Emotional Intelligence) that is critical to becoming an effective, impactful, and relevant leader, manager or employee. In this program, you will learn how to raise your
Emotional Intelligence for maximum performance, team development, and improved interpersonal relationships.

Communicate In Style: The Power of Personality (Keynote or Training)
Identify your own unique communication style and how to utilize your style and different styles for increased productivity, interpersonal communication and a more cohesive working environment. Personality Profile Assessments may be included.

Super Support Staff to the Rescue! (Keynote or Training)
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s the Super Support Staff! When you support everyone, who supports and uplifts you? Deb does! In this upbeat and empowering program, Deb demonstrates the critical role the support staff play in your organization and tips and tools they can use to reduce stress,
improve communication and adapt to change.

Take Two Ho-Ho’s and Call Me in the Morning (Keynote)
Meet Deb’s alter-ego, Dr. Slightly Off. First the doctor diagnoses your whines and woes, then she offers the prescription for a healthy dose of humor and demonstrates how a good laugh and
the ability to see humor in life’s difficult situations can improve your outlook and your health.

Purseology - for Women Events

As the leading expert in the field of Purseology, Deb has made it her mission to study women and their purses. Her insightful look at the roles women play and the many purses they carry along the way, has resulted in standing ovations from women audiences across the country.

PURSE-onal Empowerment (Keynote or Training)
Deb draws a parallel between women’s purses and the “baggage” of responsibilities, burdens, and worries they carry. Women learn how to lighten the load in their purses and in their lives. For business, this program can focus on ways to reduce stress to improve performance and increase

What’s Your PURSE-onality? (Keynote or Training)
This purse program focuses on communication skills - how to identify your own personality style, along with its strengths and challenges, as well as improve communications and relationships between different personalities, for sales, customer service and overall productivity and performance.

BONUS PURSEOLOGY BOOTH Deb gives private purse readings at your conference where women discover their true purse-onality - Brassy, Classy, Lassy or Sassy

Always Interactive

Attendees are always involved in the presentations, as Deb loves to wind her way through the crowd to give out prizes, and get people to interact and learn from each other.


What Others Say About Deb DiSandro

“Deb was hilariously funny while also managing to leave us with a meaningful message. The audience laughed the entire time”
Shannon La Canne
Director, Windom Chamber of Commerce Windom Area Hospital
Windom, MN

Thank you for the your special presentation Take Two Ho-Ho’s and Call Me in the Morning Dr. Slightly Off’s RX for HQ & EQ at the 16th annual Reaching Forward South Conference for Library Support Staff. This year’s conference was a success, and your presentation received positive written attendee valuations, such as, “Great Info”, “Very funny ~ loved her!”, “Very Interesting and Informative, Learned Lots”, to name a few. I was fortunate to observe the pre-conference preparations you made, and am impressed with your organization, professionalism, and overall knowledge of your work.  You are a
multi-talented presenter, and it shows!”
NancyLee Browne
Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center St. Charles, IL 60175

Simply awesome!  Deb will change the rest of your life starting today as she shares strategies                                                                                                                                                            and insights on how to embrace a more fun and realistic approach to everyday challenges.  Her commonsense method and insight on how to deal with stress in your life is incredible.  She is a combination of Anthony Robbins/Dr. Phil of the 21st century with a twist.”
Sandra Bennett
SGMP Chicago President Chicago, IL

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