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The Face-to-Face Maximizer

Your audiences will get JACKED UP by Jack Pyle

  • He is entertaining and passionate
  • He is authentic and walks his talk
  • He shares personal stories to illustrate his points
  • People easily learn his simple action steps

For more than 20 years Jack has helped people build trust by improving face-to-face communication.

He has trained thousands of professionals in many fields to unlock their leadership potential and effectively communicate face-to-face.

As a speechwriter for CEOs and senior executives at Dow Chemical, Shell Oil and the Michigan Department of Transportation, Jack learned the importance of leadership at a personal level.

Jack’s clients range from Allstate to Zenith and include many large and small organizations.

Life-changing topics

  • Boost Your Credibility as a Leader
  • Listening Builds Trust
  • Get Jacked up on Life
  • Get Jacked up Selling Yourself
  • Build Community Support

A deeply inspiring speaker

“It is truly an outstanding experience for our leaders to learn from Jack Pyle. He has received the highest evaluations of any speaker at our three-day Michigan Lions Leadership Institute in all 13 years of the program to date.”
- Paul Hemeryck, Program Chair

Thanks for the outstanding presentation you made at our international conference in Toronto…I’ve listened to tapes of all the speakers, and you were one of the best of the four-day conference!”
- Richard Bagin, Executive Director, National School Public Relations Association.

Boost Your Credibility as a Leader

Anyone can become more persuasive and credible with others. Little differences make a big difference and people can quickly learn the small changes that will help them project their leadership qualities. (30-90 minutes)

Listening Builds Trust

Effective listening helps build strong relationships. Listening is the most used form of communication. Yet listening is the least taught of the four language skills. This program helps audiences discover both the art and skill of hearing and understanding.
(90 – 120 minutes)

Get Jacked Up on Life

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” Charles Dickens wrote. How are you coping with our times? In this inspiring keynote,
audiences learn four simple steps for creating lives
they love, even if they believe they are living in the worst of times.
(40 minutes)

Get Your Future Leaders Jacked Up

Want to develop your emerging 25-40 year old leaders? This is a customized leadership development program of monthly meetings. It is designed to help fully implement people skills and strategies to boost revenues, reduce stress and improve effectiveness. Two clinically validated 360-degree assessments are available to assist your leaders in creating personalized self- development action plans. (6 - 12 month program)


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