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Change Your Energy… Change Your Results

Jodi Santangelo Certified Trainer, Coach and Author

In just one hour, Jodi will change the way you think and transform your life.

Have you ever had something you wanted just fall into place? Come to you through an unexpected phone call or by a chance meeting? Do you catch yourself using words like Synchronicity, Karma, Luck or Fate?
If you answered YES, then you’ve experienced evidence of The Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction isn't about wishing and hoping; it's about results…and Jodi will give you the tools and strategies you need to fine tune your thinking and take deliberate action to achieve success, attain happiness, and live the fulfilling life you want.

Jodi Santangelo, a successful, certified Law of Attraction trainer and coach, delivers an entertaining & content-rich training session designed to help people remove the barriers and challenges of negative thinking and lead positive, successful lives. Suggested topics include: using Law of Attraction and Deliberate Attraction to Build Your Business, Attracting Your Ideal Team Members, Relationships, Abundance, Creating Dynamic Goals, Affirmations, and more!

Accredited by Michael Losier, best-selling author and expert guest on Oprah and Friends XM Radio Show, Jodi offers tele-classes, coaching, and live events on using Deliberate Attraction, the artful application
of The Law of Attraction.

Jodi, you gave one of the most entertaining and lively presentations I have ever had the pleasure to hear. You had the total attention and participation from the audience. Afterwards, we had so many positive  remarks about your  presentation. This is simply amazing!

- Hobart Richardson JR. ATMB, CL, Lt. Governor Education and Training District 16 Toastmasters

“Jodi gave an enthusiastic presentation to our group at our annual “flagship” event on how to improve relationships in the workplace. Her presentation was exciting and engaging to the audience and left us all with the resolve to take what we had learned from Jodi and implement it in our work environments.”

- Amy Bradley-Waters CPCU, Vice- President, Northeastern Oklahoma CPCU Society.





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