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  • Focus, Organization, Productivity
  • Success Skills for the 21st Century
  • What is the Cost of Disorganization in your Organization
  • Organizing Your Workplace

Kathleen serves as President of ENERGIZED SOLUTIONS LLC, a firm specializing in transitioning individuals and organizations to 21st century productivity. She is a master at identifying practical, innovative techniques to do more with less.

Kathleen has been a speaker at numerous national settings, designed the nation's first dislocated worker program, testified before Congress and served as the principal consultant on two documentaries focusing on the permanent workforce changes ("LAYOFF" and the NBC White Paper, "AMERICA WORKS WHEN AMERICA WORKS") and provided technical assistance on workers in transition for the G7 employment ministers. She is Past President of the National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter. She is called upon as a subject matter expert for numerous national ezines and printed media regarding the challenges of productive and balanced work and living in the 21st century including but not limited to: the Oakland Business Review; The Feldman Report; Detroit Free Press; WALD; Lansing Business Monthly and Women's Health Magazine. She is Co-Author of three books: Focus, Organization, Productivity, Ideas for Improving Success in the Workplace; Exploring Productivity - Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace and Insights on Productivity.

Kathleen has extensive experience assisting individuals and organizations develop and maintain productivity, creativity, and competence. She is a certified member of the international Network for Productivity Excellence. Clients value her straightforward and practical approach to problem solving. She utilizes humor and real life experiences to bring her message home. When all else fails she believes that all of life and work challenges can be explained through the lyrics of classic Motown music.


Kathleen's specialties include being masterful at identifying practical and innovative techniques to do more with less; a 21st century thinker and a creative and straightforward problem solver; having direct experience as both a small business owner and nonprofit Executive Director and board member; and truly passionate about the potential of Michigan. She has over 30 years of practical experience managing businesses and organizations, providing project management, business productivity, and program design services to numerous profit and nonprofit entities.

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