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Larry Fobes leads compelling learning conversations on a wide range of leadership and business topics. These may be keynotes, seminars, public programs, or targeted training for specific teams incorporating:

  • Global CEOs sharing their leadership and business insights via video excerpted from his Emmy award winning television interview series, Leaders on Leadership.
  • His personal and extensive experience in global business.

He has the rare combination of 30 years in global industry, 10 years with a major university, and 8 years interviewing CEOs on television. His deep business acumen, and engaging presentation style, leads participants to lessons that are practical, insightful, and “real world”.

Programs for General Audiences and Targeted Training

Fobes engages his audiences in a conversation rather than lecture to them. His skilled guidance of the discussion automatically draws out participants’ most critical issues and leads them to personally relevant learning.

People learn best by hearing stories. Fobes’s programs enable learning from the CEOs’ stories about their successes and failures, their motivations and actions. The participants’ active conversation about these CEO insights, supplemented and guided by Fobes, dramatically increases their engagement, REAL learning and retention, and ability to successfully apply these lessons.

Great leaders analyze a situation from many viewpoints before acting. They do not simply clone/mimic the approach taken by other leaders…or the latest buzz-word theory. Our participants expand their own viewpoints to also include those of highly accomplished global leaders.

Formats are customized for client’s specific needs, but two are very popular.

  • Frequently, a program focuses on a particular business topic or leadership dimension… Leadership 101, Defining Moments of Leadership, Leadership and Change, etc. For each of several clips, a first group conversation analyzes the situation facing the CEO. A second conversation compares our group analysis to what the guest actually did, and the results obtained.
  • Another popular format shows a complete 30 minute interview of a single leader, followed by a conversation about the issues raised, and the lessons learned.

For targeted team training, the selected video clips concentrate on client-specific issues. Fobes’s skilled facilitation quickly transitions these conversations from the organizations on the video clips to the client organization, and toward improving the situation. When appropriate, Fobes teams with a faculty from one of the world’s best business schools to provide both “real world” and academic insights.

These unique conversational format programs share insights in leadership and business delivered on video by some of the best CEOs on the planet. With Fobes’s skilled guidance, participants leave with learnings that are long lasting and that they adapt to their personal situation and style.

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