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    • Reducing Stress and Ratcheting up Resilience
    • Enhancing Customer Service and Dealing with Difficult People
    • Mastering Chance and Making Teamwork Work
    • Public Speaking Skills and Train the Trainer

C. Leslie Charles, Certified Speaking Professional, motivational speaker, business consultant, and facilitator, has helped people connect with their potential since 1979. The wit, wisdom, and warmhearted delivery she puts into her speeches make her a credible source for her message. Leslie's customized keynotes, training seminars and workshops entertain, enlighten, and inspire her audience members to make small changes that can enrich their lives in a big way.

As the author of seven books, Leslie's critically acclaimed Why Is Everyone So Cranky? thrust her into the media spotlight for nearly three years, making her a recognized expert on anger management and stress. She's appeared on all of the major TV networks, numerous magazines, hundreds of radio shows, and quoted in nearly that many newspapers, including a USA Today cover story. Leslie speaks and writes from the position of one who knows what it takes to live and work with enthusiasm, integrity, and resiliency because she's done it, adding practicality to her message. Her books and presentations are filled with inspirational quips, doable ideas, and attitude shifts guaranteed to make a big difference in how people live, love, and pursue their livelihoods.

Her latest book, the humorous, "Bless Your Stress: It Means You're Still Alive," coauthored with Mimi Donaldson, is a highly unusual, laugh-out-loud approach to an often daunting, overworked subject. Imagine a common sense treatment of stress delivered in a highly uncommon manner.


Today's economic meltdown means "business as usual" is no longer a choice. With over thirty years of experience in training, speaking, and facilitating, Leslie Charles has honed her skills of self-expression, group dynamics, and relevant wit, making her an effective practitioner of personal and professional development. Whether conducting in-house programs or creating presentations for conferences and larger venues, her skill set is ideal for helping individuals or organizational teams take their performance to the next level.

Leslie posts that opportunity and adversity are constant companions, making this a perfect time to "mine" your operation for untapped intelligence, innovation, and concrete actions that can make a big difference for your staff, systems, and quality of service. Regardless of the venue, Leslie speaks from experience on how to bring out your best under the worst of circumstances.

Adept in blending resilience, reserve, and resourcefulness, she knows what it takes to prevail regardless of the obstacles life puts in your way. Leslie encourages people to acknowledge and assess where they are right now in comparison to where they want to be, offering practical suggestions and action plans for reconciling the difference. Because she's gone through this process in her own life, her mission is to help others realize their potential so they can live and work with less stress, more satisfaction, and increased success in all their endeavors.

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